Cyrus Johnson

Who I am.

A ventureman, Americanic, and also a writer and lawyer.  My philosophy of life is old-fashioned: do the right thing, do your best, be courageous enough to be who you were made to be. And. Keep. Getting. Up. It is in the getting up (with smile) that success is achieved.


Many ventures get lost after "leaving the nest." Some find their way back home. Some do not. This can be frustrating for the ventures or their "parents." For those wanting a hand in the looking, or a trusted friend in the traveling, recelerate is that handy friend to ventures.

What I do.

I help ventures succeed. My formation has been as COO, Managing Director Outside/Inside Corporate Counsel, and Consultant for various ventures and venture and finance firms locally and globally -- from the brand new to the Fortune 500. I bring these skills together to serve clients through recelerate. Additionally I like to start stuff myself. And I write.

The projects.

I work by myself and with others on start-up projects to create new products and services. Right now twin disrupting projects in the legal services sector, and a book.

Where I am.

The "Bay Area," California, America.