Cyrus Johnson

Who I am.

A husband and father, a Christian, a die-hard American, a lawyer, a ventureman.  My philosophy of life is old-fashioned: do the right thing, do your best, be courageous enough to be who you were made to be, keep getting is in the getting up (with smile) that success is achieved.

The law stuff.

Mostly transactional and corporate - in other words business. I am an outside corporate counsel with a background in global finance, global agreements, and technology. It's called Lafayette Law.

What I do.

For over a decade I have practiced law locally and globally for venture and Fortune 500 companies. Before that [and during that] I have been in strategic project management (including corporate and political communications, company structure, and marketing). Additionally I like to start stuff. I work to launch new products and services on a freelance and contracted basis. And I write.

The projects.

This is where I 'get my A-D-D on' by working by myself and with others to create the goods and services of tomorrow yesterday. It's called, since 2009, PR Ventures.

Where I am.

The "Bay Area," California, America.