Hello! I’m Cyrus Johnson, Esq. I'm a California-bar attorney in Dallas, Texas.

About a hundred years ago, my grandfather left the farm in Anson, Texas for opportunity on Wall Street, New York. In a similar way, I did the same last year; seeking opportunity -- leaving California for Texas. So, I'm a Texan by blood, by family/ancestry, and by choice.

For twenty years I've been a Corporate General Counsel Attorney to Finance and Investment clients. I also serve strategic BOD COO CLO CCO roles.

My clients and client-companies are category creators and pioneers: winning Oscars, vindicating their First Amendment Constitutional rights, forging new foreign and domestic Financial markets, remaking Energy or the Law, overcoming "enterprise ending" challenges to thrive, revolutionizing Global Investment, forging new Technologies, and bringing progress to Media, Energy, Real Estate, and more.

I'm a double graduate of the University of San Francisco (BA: Politics + JD; emphasizing international law). I have also studied at Harvard College, Trinity College Dublin, and University College Cork.

My present study interest is Blockchain, Smarter Contracts, Law + Technology.

Clients include Franklin Templeton, Silverbelt Investments, Silverbelt Holdings, Demarest Media, Tano Capital, Tano Ventures, Phoenix Ballpark Properties, Island Bioenergy, and other public and private funds, foundations, and investor groups.

I'm transactional and litigation-experienced; directly on behalf of clients, and in operational roles to protect companies and assets from legal risk. I don't mind controversy. It comes with the role of the Attorney and is a necessary cost of community.

"Faith brings all parts of life together."